Jake's StrongGinger™ 64oz Growler (Free Shipping)
Jake's StrongGinger™ 64oz Growler (Free Shipping)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jake's StrongGinger™ 64oz Growler (Free Shipping)

Jake's StrongGinger™ 64oz Growler (Free Shipping)

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Ginger is a natural remedy that reduces inflammation, the leading cause of most gut/digestive issues and muscular pain. Plus it is a great detoxifier that cleans your system will improving circulation and accelerating muscle recovery. And if you're suffering acid-reflux issues and trying to lose a little weight...well, that's exactly why I started making Jake's StrongGinger nearly 13 years ago. I drink a minimum of 8oz per day, and at the age of 67, I've never felt better!

The Jake's 64oz growler is ideally suited to the regular user. Maintain and clean your system with this delicious beverage.  Just what you need to maintain an 8oz daily regimen all week long.  Sold in individual growlers at retail outlets only. If you're in Wisconsin, you can view find a retailer in your area.  

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Lisa Schulze
The best there is right here.

I have been buying Jakes Ginger for a few years now. This is the best Ginger/Lemon out there. Awesome for your health as well. Give it a try I promise it won’t disappoint.

Jake’s Packs a Punch!

Wow, it really wakes me up in the morning. I love the zing! I can feel it right down to my tummy and I know it is helping me stay healthy.

Lisa M Jones
Great product!

I've been purchasing and using this for several months, I feel it definitely helps my inflammation and arthritis pain. This company offers a great product, and super fast delivery. I will continue to purchase this ginger.

10oz Every Morning

Dear Jake,
Really like your product!

Thanks Dan. I'm so happy you're enjoying Jake's. What do you like most about it? I'm really interested! How do you talk about Jake's to your friends? To Your Health! "Jake"

Good day Jake
I would say the flavor, I mix 10oz every morning with a tablespoon of honey. It settles my stomach and a little burst of energy to start the day.
Kind regards,

Brittnie Peck
Our “Go To”

Jake's strong ginger drink is our panacea. It keeps our tummies happy!
tummies happy!

Over eat a bit? Have some Jake's... Too much tomato sauce or rich food? Have some Jake's... Just really like the feeling of having a happy tummy? Gotta have some Jake's.

Seriously though, we have been drinking this stuff for 4-5 years now. We buy it locally most of the time because we are lucky enough to live in Wisconsin where this very delicious and good-for-you product is made.

We put it in our smoothies everyday-- frozen cherries, plain Greek yogurt, banana, spinach, almond milk and PLENTY OF JAKE'S for a nice clean spicy zing.

We also use it for our "evening elixir" which is just our nightly "anti-inflammatory mocktail"-- bitters, fizzy water, turmeric, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, and Jake's of course.

This has been part of our daily diet for so long. We tell everyone we know about it. It's one of those things you think, oh I'll try this, could be great, and suddenly your life is changed. There are only a few things I feel this strongly about-- things like an electric toothbrush (life changing), a Wet brand hair brush (life changing), a vitamix blender (lifechanging)... Then there's Jakes' strong ginger drink. I am not exaggerating, this stuff is the stuff you need every day.

We also drink it by itself, especially if there's a tummy ache involved, but also just because it's delicious. Buy some. Now. Seriously.