Jake's Makes You Feel Better.

Ginger, the main ingredient in Jake’s StrongGinger™ Ginger Juice, is said to be the best universal medicine because of its wide range of essential oils.  Of course, it’s important to get enough to feel the effects.  First, drink 4 ounces of Jake’s StrongGinger™ Ginger Drink in the morning and another 4 ounces just before you go to bed. Hot or cold.

Jake’s StrongGinger™ Ginger Juice is made with 100% Peruvian Fair-Trade USDA Organic Ginger and Organic Lemons. NO CITRIC ACID!

The USDA oversees the agricultural practices of our suppliers to ensure our ingredients are not sprayed with hazardous substances for fertilization or pest management. USDA auditors seek out evidence of pollutants, pesticides, and other ecological hazards at each farm. The USDA does not allow any GMOs. 


There's a strong case for choosing organic produce due to their common health benefits, but there are even stronger hidden health benefits to Jake's StrongGinger Ginger Juice. Ginger is known to. have many health benefits we're not at liberty to post, but we can safely say that ginger is well known to promote better:

Circulation [Source]

Digestion [Source]

Pain Reduction  [Source]

Inflammation Reduction [Source]

Antiviral Protection [Source]

Calorie Burn [Source]

Metabolism [Source]

Cholesterol Reduction [Source]

Nausea Relief  [Source]

Many of the foods we eat and drink contain insecticides, sugars, preservatives, foreign hormones and dangerous chemicals.  Processed foods contain things our systems doesn't knowhow to manage. Fortunately, our bodies are beautifully designed to detox themselves, and ginger help keep our body do the job its supposed to do.

Good eating habits are always the best way towards better health and immune system. Eat well, and drink Jake's StrongGinger.

“To your Health”