Jake The Healer

Jake of Jake's StrongGinger
Jake Jacobson

Jake grew up on a small farm in Steven's Point, Wisconsin during the great Depression.  As self sufficiency was an ordinary part of farm life, his family relied on natural medicine.  From diarrhea, colds and flu to poison ivy and sunburn, Jake become well versed in preventative and healing remedies.  While Jake wasn't a medic, his friends could always rely on him for natural remedies for physical, mental and spiritual health.
With a desire to fight for his country, he enlisted in the paratroopers and was shipped off to serve a European tour of duty in France. After the war, Jake's great sense of adventure and wanderlust took him around the world.  While on the trail to Machu Picchu, he stumbled upon a gnarly, golden gingerroot, the locals referred to as the "Miracle Cure".

Jake's fascination and love affair with ginger was no secret to family and friends, but it wasn't until years after he died that his son, Tryg "Jake" created Jake's StrongGinger™ in honor of his healing legacy.  It later became renowned as an Ayurvedic "heal-all" for stomach disorders, pain and inflammation. 

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