Jake's StrongGinger@ 32oz Bottle (Free Shipping)
Jake's StrongGinger@ 32oz Bottle (Free Shipping)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jake's StrongGinger@ 32oz Bottle (Free Shipping)

Jake's StrongGinger@ 32oz Bottle (Free Shipping)

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Jake's StrongGinger For The Journey!

Jake's is a natural remedy that solves a lot of issues.  It reduces inflammation, muscular pain and it's also a great detoxifier that cleans your system will improving circulation and accelerating muscle recovery. And if you're suffering acid-reflux issues and trying to lose a little weight...well, that's exactly why I started making Jake's StrongGinger! 

The 32oz bottle is the perfect size for your refrigerator door or to even carry with you throughout the day.  Refrigerate after opening.  For maximum freshness and health benefits consume within 2 weeks after opening.


100% Organic Peruvian Ginger
100% Organic lemons


Check out cocktails using Jake's Ginger

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Helps with arthritis!

I found that if I drink about 4oz every morning, it helps with my rheumatoid arthritis. You might need some honey in it though! Chris

Fresh, No Pulp. Not Watered Down


The quality. Like very fresh, it’s no pulp , it’s not water down, simple ingredients and very convenient when I don’t have time to blend it myself . As a nutritionist I recommend it because it’s so good for your health & vitality.

I’ve been a user for 4 years.

Jake, First of all thank you for a great product. I’ve been a user for over 4 years now. I often refer your products to my friends customers and family. If there is a chance could collaborate I would love to be a like a whole seller or something. Donna

Saves my daughter from the long term side effects of Nexium

Jake, I want to thank you for turning me on to Jakes ginger! You told Sarah and me about it at the yacht club and I’m now one of your silent sales people!! Lol! I tell everyone about it! Sarah is completely off of her nexium (she was on that stuff daily for a number of years!). We buy 3 jugs at a time🤣🤣. Woodlake knows us now!
I bought it for Christmas gifts🤣🤣for both the girls. I bring Jenna 4 bottles at a time! Both she and Andy drink it. Michelle had only one to take back to new Albany and is wishing she could get the “big jug” again. (I think she’s only able to get those little bottles.) so Jenna has a little IBS and Michelle is in remission from Crohns so she simply changed her entire diet and that had worked for her for many years. Bottom line: this stuff works!! I now have my friend Marylee Hansmann talked into trying it for her stomach issues. And a few others. So I hope u keep producing and if you know of a way that I can safely ship to Ohio let me know!

We are so honored that you would be willing to share some of your personal “stock” with us! You have saved my Sarah from the long term side effects of Nexium and as I have told you in the past, it’s now on her medical record for medications and vitamins 😬! (Has been for years)! lol


Good Stuff!