• Smart Ass

    If you're looking for a whiskey twist on the Moscow Mule, you'll love the Smart Ass. Instead of using ginger beer, try this recipe for a fully-flavored iteration of an old favorite!
  • Heartwarmer

    When the leaves start to turn colors, it's time to turn to this tasty Jake's favorite. Enjoy with family and friends all winter long! Drink hot or cold.
  • Lager Shandy

    Most ginger beers are a bummer, but you can add Jake's to almost any beer and turn it into ginger beer that really gets down to business. 
  • Shakey Jake

    When you want a simple spritzer with a little bit of kick, nothing beats the Shakey Jake! Pure refreshment. Like a ginger ale without all the unnecessary sugar
  • Easy Ryder

    This special cocktail is a golfer's favorite on and off the course. It's as tasty as it is healthy and you can enjoy it all summer long with family and friends!
  • Austrian Steam

    This tasty hot chocolate recipe was the gold medal winner at the Kohler Food and Wine Event! And it features Herbert V. Kohler's famous chocolate brandy.