Why Jake's Is Better.


I’ve always told my three daughters from the moment we crossed the street together to “Look Both Ways”.  Not just crosswalks, but with the friends they kept, the boys they dated, the places they went. Everything! Now they apply it to all of the decisions they make... even the things they purchase.  

We're all pretty much in agreement that ginger juice is good for us.  The question is: "Who Makes The Best Ginger Juice”?  Jake’s or the "Other People"?  I’d encourage you to try competitive products, and compare them to Jake's.  You will ultimately choose Jake’s. On taste. On health. On color. On stability.

Here’s why.

Our Ingredients. The Jake’s Brand is made only from Peruvian, golden yellow, organic ginger and lemons. We will not source from any other place.  It will always be this way, so you know exactly what you’re getting each time.  

Our Process.  Jake’s StrongGinger drink is handcrafted in small batches.  Our ginger and lemons are cleaned, precisely measured, chopped, mixed and steeped using a process we've developed and improved for nearly 15 years.  The pH value of each batch is accurately measured to ensure maximum shelf stability and then bottled at 180ºF.  The outcome is always a beautiful golden yellow drink with a mild scent of lemon and a smooth, yet robust gingery taste.  

Now, I also make a habit of testing other ginger drink products.  I’ve found they contain citric acid, sugar, cayenne pepper, cabbage, black pepper, preservatives, a host of other non-essential chemicals/fillers which almost always lead to a crummy tasting, discolored product.  

I’ve seen competitive ginger juice products separate so they go clear on the top and thick and lava-like on the bottom.  I’ve seen competitive products that are thick, brown, clumpy and paste-like and taste like heart-burn in a bottle.  This will not happen with Jake’s.

Why do our competitors consistently come up first on your search engines?  Not because they're the best.  It's because they have big marketing budgets and spend voraciously on Google Words, SEO, professional reviewer and conversion techniques.  We spend our money on making our product better.  

At Jake’s, we’ll always strive to be the best, and its reflected in our people, our products and the communities we support.  If you really want great ginger juice….I’d suggest you first “Look Both Ways”, and then buy Jake’s. You will not be disappointed.  You might even consider a Jake's ginger juice subscription and recommend it to others.  

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  • I like to refer to Jake’s Ginger as a ‘miracle in a bottle’. My dad & I have been drinking the ginger juice since before it was sold in stores & Tryg would brew it at home and give it to us in reusable pitchers! I drank my ‘ginger drink’ (Jake’s ginger, honey, & apple cider) while going through chemo a few years ago, & it cured all the nausea I was having from the chemo! Thank you Jake’s ginger, for making that a little easier for me. It has also helped with lowering my blood sugars from diabetes. I love my little miracle in a bottle!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Rebecca Simon

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