Jake's StrongGinger Ginger Juice. A Natural Remedy.

Year's ago, I developed a condition known as acid reflux.  It's commonly called heartburn.  It happens when your stomach acid is either regurgitated or leaks up and through the sphincters in your throat.  Your digestion juices have a pH of 3.2 and are designed to digest your food, while a mucous membrane in your stomach protects your stomach from digesting itself.  When you stomach acids begin to climb up your throat, it also begins to essentially digest your throat and esophagus. Medications like omeprazole, Pepto-Bismol, Rolaids can neutralize the stomach acid but not without long-term side effects.  This is why I sought a more natural cure.

After considerable research, I found that "Ginger Root" was consistently listed as the most universal Ayurvedic remedies for acid reflex and many other conditions.  My father "Jake" who was well known for his healing remedies had been a ginger fan for years.  I should have listened to him years ago:-)

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