Minnesota Loves Jake’s Ginger!


Over the last few months, my wife Ann Marie and I have been making a lot of trips up to Minnesota to visit our daughter, son in law and grandchildren who live in Shoreview.  It has afforded us the opportunity to spend great family time and also to scope out places that might like to sell Jake’s.  It’s been a lot of fun!  We’re finding that Minnesotans love Jake’s!!!!

We’ve already found our way into The Wedge Coop Lakewinds Coop and most recently Mississippi Market Coop. This is pretty exciting for us. We now have family and business roots in Minnesota!  Yet, there are so places we’d still like to be including Kowalski’s, Seward’s, River Market Community Coop, Hampden Park, Eastside Food Coop, St. Peter Food Coop, Spiral Coop and so many more!

We’re making a start and having lots of fun! We really want to be available for our growing group of friends in Minnesota…who want Jake’s StrongGinger just as much as our friends in Wisconsin and Illinois.

We’ve made lots of sales calls, explained to all of these stores all the benefits of Jake’s! Now the decision is in their hands to put it on their shelves.  We think in time they will.  In the meantime, you can still purchase it on line or at any store in our growing base of retailers listed on the Jake’s website.

Spread the word!  Let people know how much you’re enjoying Jake’s. Let them know that Jake’s StrongGinger Ginger juice is organic, non-gmo, no artificial ingredients, no citric acid,  no emulsifiers, no sugar, no extra carbs or anything else. It just pure, Peruvian organic whole ginger and lemon in a clean, clear glass bottle…just the way nature intended it to be.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.  We love all of you and we will keep working to get Jake’s into more and more stores.

For your friends outside of Wisconsin,  Minnesota and Illinois, let them know they can find it on Shopify and Amazon.  It will be a little more expensive than at the store…but they can still count on the same quality.

Here’s to your health! -Jake”

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