Meet My New Friend Lisa!

In my travels, which sometime happen online, I have had the pleasure of meeting a nice young lady in Denver who started a small granola company in her kitchen.  She calls it  Spark and Honey.  I had to smile, because that’s how my daughters helped me get started when they gave me a juicer for my birthday (May 10, by the way:-). 
Lisa’s granola is different.  Most granolas are baked for 30-45 minutes, which is great for shelf-life, but not so great for flavor. Her granolas are “short-baked” for about half the time, so they’re not completely dehydrated. They’re fresher, with the perfect, lightly-crisp texture you’ll want to eat right out of the bag! I have to admit, they’re the best-tasting granolas I've ever had. You should try them!

Just like Jake’s, Lisa forever promises to use only the most premium and pure organic ingredients available, because you can't make great juice without great ingredients. Simple. Healthy. Delicious!

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