Know What You’re Drinking

As we’ve been in the process of developing a 2oz ginger shot for retail, we encountered a challenge. To package in a 2oz plastic container means we have to process at a cooler temperature. The state said the only “inexpensive” way to do this was to add citric acid to lower the pH. This is problematic. The lower pH robs the shot of all it benefits! You can usually see evidence of a low pH when the product separates. The top is clear and the ingredients precipitate to the bottom of the plastic container. Shaking it up doesn’t help. It’s still a bad product and will not give you the health benefits you’re looking for. Jake’s is pasteurized at a high temperature to purify and also release the gingerols into the juice for a healthier product. Maybe this is more than you wanted to know, but my point is, don’t be fooled by these shots with citric acid! Always check the label for citric acid and beware if your ginger shot contains all sorts of extra emulsifiers and the like. Buy the real thing. Jake’s StrongGinger organic Ginger Juice!
Jake’s uses one only one other ingredient for pH control and stability. Whole natural lemons for preservation, for flavor and for a multitude of extra health benefits! This is why it tastes so great, it’s so much healthier and looks so beautiful. There’s simply more ginger in Jake’s StrongGinger Juice. Get more of what you’re looking for in Jake’s. Here’s to your health!”

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