Jake’s Ginger Juice. For Great Health.

My dad “Jake” grew up on a farm in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. He was well-versed in country things and always seemed to have a home remedy for everything from poison ivy to sunburn to diarrhea:-).  He had to! With all of his travels to foreign places, he was subject to them all.

Jake and Betty lived in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico for nearly twenty years. He was know by the locals as Papa Blanco.  He wore a wide brimmed straw hat, a black polo shirt. khaki pants and Clark walking shoes.  If he wasn’t tooling around in his little white VW, he was usually walking up the mountainside to a special place he referred to as “Three Crosses”.  But whenever and wherever he went walking he kept ginger by his side.

I have also found that when I’m going to a place where it’s hard for me to carry Jake’s in my suitcase, I stop in at an organic grocery store and pick up some raw Ginger.  I wash it up, put it in a plastic bag and chew on a little throughout the day.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but I do! And you know what? I stay healthy!  If I do catch a bug of some sort, it usually lasts no more than one day and it’s done.  Jake was right about many things.  The curative  qualities of ginger were among them.  God is good!

Ginger is great for sore thoughts, pain, inflammation, acid reflux, gut issues and so many more things.  I can say this because I’ve experienced it first hand for years.  Not just inside but outside! You can even use Jake’s topically for bee stings!  Truly!

Jake also had a thing about bananas which is why his walk almost always took him through the local marketplace where he could pick up a nice bundle for not much more than a dime!  He said they were a great source of potassium!  So it should come as no surprise that when Ann Marie make our morning smoothie, it starts with two-three bananas!  We add blueberries, Greek yogurt, flax seed Organic protein powder and at least 16-20 oz of Jake’s StrongGinger Ginger juice.  It’s enough to make 5 smoothies. We drink two right away and save the others to enjoy throughout the day.

I’d sure love to hear a little bit about how you enjoy Jake’s and what Ginger does for you.  Send me a note sometime:-).  -Jake

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