It Might Cost More Not To Drink It!

When I was young, I remember having a discussion with my father “Jake” on whether to buy a camping tent I thought was rather expensive.  He replied, “Well son, it might be more expensive not to buy it.” 

He was of course, telling me that sometimes if you don’t pay more up front, you might pay more in the end. A cheap tent might cost less, but when it’s raining hard and the wind is blowing 25knots, you’ll be happy you spent the money on the better one.  I bought that tent nearly 40 years ago.  Two years ago, this same tent sheltered my wife and I through a 35knot gale and pouring rain on Stockton Island in Lake Superior.  So in the end, it was far less expensive to pay for the pricier tent.  

I’ve remembered that lesson for years, and quite often I find myself telling my wife and daughters, “Well girls, it might be more expensive not to buy it.”  My dad was a wise man, and while I’m grateful for all the words of wisdom he shared with me when I was young, I’m regularly reminded of the man he was whenever I have a glass of Jake’s ginger juice.  

Jake traveled the world, and was known for his healing remedies…and always kept ginger by his side!  He wore that wonderful round wide brimmed straw hat, black polo shirt and khaki pants and Clark Shoes. He was strong, yet gentle and kind. He had that wonderful curiosity and adventurous spirit I now see my 2 year old granddaughter, Winnie.  Jake mixed well with others.  When asked his opinion he humbly offered it as that of a man well versed in country things

So, my charge to you is to consider Jake’s wonderful lesson, “It might be more expensive not to buy it.”  And then smile next time you buy a growler of Jake’s, knowing full well that your future self will thank you for it.  -Jake 

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