Getting your hands on Jake’s StrongGinger Ginger Drink is easy. We send four ounce bottles across the United States and ship in packs of six. On the other hand, we brew and bottle 64 ounce growlers and sell in local grocery stores. If you live in the Midwest, you may be in luck. Click the “retailers” button below to find out.


Jake's StrongGinger 4oz Chug, ginger drink

Jake’s StrongGinger™
4 Fl. Oz. Bottle

Living on the go? This four ounce bottle of Jake’s StrongGinger™ Ginger Drink (formerly Jake’s Ginger Juice) is your best friend. For example, pack it on your tips or pop it in your purse. Furthermore, keep one in the car or bring one to the gym. Keep up with your daily regimen, conveniently, with the exact serving size needed. As a result, forget feeling nauseous while you’re traveling or a little unsettled after a meal or workout. While small, it packs the same ginger punch, complete with all the benefits. Mix with sparkling water or your favorite beverage if it’s too spicy. We send four ounce bottles in six packs by direct mail.

Jake's StrongGinger 64oz, ginger drink

Jake’s StrongGinger™
64 Fl. Oz. Growler

The 64 ounce growler of Jake’s StrongGinger™ Ginger Drink (formerly Jake’s Ginger Juice) is the best way to maintain your daily ginger regimen.  It fits perfectly in the refrigerator to always have on hand while you’re at home. Fill your glass and drink it on its own or even add a splash while cooking in salad dressings or stir-fry. It’s also easy to grab and bring along to someone’s house for a ginger tasting! You’ll be surprised what a conversation-starter and of course, what a hit ginger can be. Remind everyone it’s made of fresh, organic Peruvian ginger and whole fresh lemons!  It accelerates muscle recovery, relieves pain/inflammation and helps detox your system. Also helps relieve acid-reflex symptoms. Remember, if anyone finds it too spicy, mix it with sparkling water or your favorite beverage. We sell 64 ounce growlers in retail outlets only.

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