Our Story

Jake’s Kitchen, Ginger and a Juicer

Jake’s story started in his kitchen. Just Jake, a few pounds of ginger root, and a juicer he had received as a present from his daughters.

Jake's Daughters
Jake’s daughters Christiana, Lizzie and Kiera.

Jake was searching for a “natural remedy” to cure his acid-reflux problem (Gerds) and a blood disorder called pancytopenia. It didn’t take long to determine ginger’s effectiveness.

Jake’s story continued and soon Jake was brewing soon to be “Jake’s Ginger Juice” for his friends, who found it beneficial for more than just acid reflex. Pain relief, inflammation, weight loss and a new way to fight cholesterol problems.  Jake’s StrongGinger recipe caught on and soon, ginger, juicers, kettles, pulpers and strainers, funnels and bottlers took over the Jacobson kitchen.

Jake's StrongGinger First Batch
Jake makes his first batch in a commercial kitchen. “We started with beautiful blue 16 oz. bottles. To make our product more economical, we eventually packaged in 4 oz. chugs and 64 oz. growlers.

Eventually Jake’s wife suggested he find another home to brew his ginger. Jake’s story led him to a new kitchen among a small group of friends committed to helping children learn to eat healthier: Nourish Kitchens. It was a perfect fit. Not only did Nourish Kitchens provide a great place to brew and bottle Jake’s StrongGinger, they also had a few good ideas on sourcing, which is why Jake’s StrongGinger is exclusively made in small batches using fair trade, organic Peruvian ginger.

A Family Brewing Business
My wife Ann Marie and my Son-In-Law Andrew Hermann bottling the brew at Nourish Farms Kitchens.

Jake’s StrongGinger™ continues to grow and is now available in 20 stores in east central Wisconsin.  Our primary distributors are L&L Foods and TrustLocal Foods. In 2018, Jake’s Ginger Juice changed it’s name to Jake’s StrongGinger™ to reflect it’s new proprietary recipe and process.

General Manager, Kevin Widder does a tasting at Kohler’s Woodlake Market on EarthDay.