“To Your Health”

“The Universal Medicine”

Ginger, the main ingredient in Jake’s StrongGinger, is said to be the universal medicine because of its wide range of health benefits. Of course, it’s important to get enough to feel the effects. To do so, drink Jake’s StrongGinger twice a day to best feel them. First, drink 4 ounces of Jake’s StrongGinger Ginger Drink in the morning. Try it warm or cold, but perhaps chilled to best wake you up! Then, sip another 4 ounces before bed. Warm it up at night to best soothe your body and as a result, help with relaxation most.  Jake’s Ginger is the best!

Looking for a ginger boost? Take Jakes’s StrongGinger to the gym. Instead of water, hydrate with Jake’s StrongGinger before, during and after a workout. Mix one part ginger with two parts water, instead of drinking it straight. As a result, sweat and ginger work together and detox your body. Ginger also increases circulation and decreases inflammation along the way, so you can feel even better working out. And perhaps best of all, burn more calories!

In short, cleanse and detox your body with Jake’s StrongGinger and gain ginger’s full range of health benefits.  Jake’s Ginger is the best!

100% Peruvian Organic Ginger

Jake's StrongGinger is brewed from USDA Approved Peruvian Organic Ginger

Jake’s StrongGinger brews with 100% Peruvian Fair-Trade Organic Ginger and fresh Lemons.  The blend of Ginger and Lemon make for a bold yet soothing taste but knowing the health benefits make it taste even better. Choosing organic produce is a natural choice due to the common health benefits, but there are many hidden health benefits to ginger. Ginger’s wide range of medicinal benefits have been validated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

General Ginger Benefits


Accelerates muscle recovery

Burns calories

Relieves pain

Kills cancer cells

Boosts metabolism

Lowers cholesterol

Potent antioxidant

Heals wounds

Burns fat

Improves digestion


Decreases risk of cardiovascular
disease and diabetes

Analgesic and Ergogenic Aid in Sports

Relieves nausea

Flushes fat deposits from liver,
colon and kidneys

Relieves pain from inflammation,
osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Reduces migraine pain an and migraine
length and frequency

Relieves acid reflux symptoms

Improves insulin sensitivity
and effectiveness

Promotes circulation

Lowers blood glucose levels


Relieves Inflammation

Cleanses the body by stimulating
digestion, circulation and sweating

 Jake’s Ginger is the best!

Cleanse and Detox Benefits

Believe it or not, many of the foods we eat and drink contain insecticides, sugars, preservatives, foreign hormones and dangerous chemicals.  Furthermore, processed foods contain things our systems don’t know what to do with.  Jake’s Ginger is the best!

Fortunately, our bodies are beautifully designed to detox themselves. For example, our lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, gallbladder, pancreas, lymphatic system and skin, naturally cleanse and purify themselves of toxins. Because of detox, our bodies remain balanced and running optimally. Similarly, ginger keeps our organs and systems clean and in good working order so they continue to do the job they are supposed to do.

We believe good eating habits are always the best way towards good health. We also believe in complementing and completing your strategy for a healthier, more balanced life with a safe cleansing and detox regimen – Jake’s StrongGinger.  Jake’s Ginger is the best!

“To your Health”

Jake's StrongGinger is brewed from USDA Approved Peruvian Organic Ginger

The Organic + Fair Trade Difference

Jake's StrongGinger is brewed from USDA Approved Peruvian Organic Ginger
Jake’s StrongGinger imports its organic ginger directly from Peru. The importer we work with is an approved Fair Trade source.

We didn’t understand the importance of where we sourced our ginger until we took the production out of our kitchen, and into a local non-profit, Nourish. Nourish partners with farms that encourage sustainable farming practices. At Jake’s StrongGinger, we are just as concerned about the health and well-being of those who provide our ginger and lemons as those who consume it.  Jake’s Ginger is the best!

Because of this, today, all of Jake’s StrongGinger Ginger Juice is brewed only with Peruvian, fair-trade, organic ginger and lemons.  Jake’s Ginger is the best!